Q: What is your style? 

A: The way I take photos is a mix between lifestyle and documentary. If you’re family is willing and able to pose for a few “Christmas card shots”, we’ll get those. Oftentimes I’ll set you up in a certain light or maybe put you together in a particular way, and then just let you be you! The most important thing to remember is to just love on each other. That’s what I’m there to capture, so try to relax and interact how you normally would, so I can capture that in images for you. I’ll also capture other moments that happen along the way. 


Q: What if my kids don’t want to cooperate? 

A: I’m assuming you’re asking this because you’ve never met MY kids. ;) It will be okay! The biggest thing that makes a session go wrong is trying to force kids to do something they don’t want to do. Let me take the lead here. If they’re having trouble, we’ll go a different direction or focus on someone else in the family for a while. Sometimes being in the spotlight makes kids anxious and they act out. Try to go with the flow and we’ll just move on to something else. Misbehaving is pretty much a given at any photo session with kids, but we'll try to redirect vs. give threats or punishment. When those things happen in a session, attitudes can go downhill quickly. Let's keep it as positive as we can, and just have fun! If a child is having trouble, you can always take them for a walk to help them dispel the energy and I can get photos of the other kids, if applicable. 


Q: Do you provide color or blacks and white images? 

A: Each image is edited to what I think suits it best. Your images will be a mix of both black and white and color. 


Q: What should we bring?

A: I’m not big on unnatural props, but if we’re doing an outdoor session and you want to bring things like a favorite blanket to sit on or some bubbles or chalk, I’m totally okay with that! It can actually help kids have fun and focus more on what they’re doing than the camera. It’s generally a good idea to wait until a little while into the session to bring these out though, otherwise that may be all they want to do. ;) If a baby or toddler has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, it’s totally okay to tote them along too. Anything that is natural to your family can make a beautiful image, and a beautiful memory. 


Q: How do we prepare for the session?

A: The biggest suggestion I have is to make sure to relax beforehand. If you stress about perfect hair or clothes, or have tension in your family beforehand, it can show in your images. Real life, right?! ;) But try not to sweat the small things and just show up prepared to hang out. Make sure the kids have a snack before coming so they aren’t hungry. Hangry kids are never a good thing. Ha!! It doesn’t hurt to bring a sippy cup or small snack, and sometimes having a sucker or something hidden but on hand for a crabby kid isn’t a bad idea. My goal is capture you being you at this point in time, and sometimes that’s a little messy!! That’s okay! 


Q: Where can I print?

A: You receive a printing release, so you are able to print anywhere you like. That being said, I do HIGHLY suggest printing through the pro lab in the gallery store where you receive your images. I can’t guarantee color any other way. If you would like an example, search “pro vs store prints” on Pinterest. 


Q: Do you do extended family sessions?

A: This one is a little tricky. I definitely can line your large family up and get some group shots of everybody, but from there on it would probably work like a mini session- separating each section of the family out to get those real, lifestyle/documentary shots, and shooting the group in pieces while they play/interact in real ways. I limit the amount of posed, smiling-at-the-camera shots I take in a session, because those are not the images that make my heart sing. So yes, I can and will do them if this description fits what you are looking for. Also, keep in mind that for each person over 5, there is a $25/person additional fee. 


Q: What is an in-home session like? 

An in-home session is meant to capture your family being YOU in a place where you are most comfortable. It captures your memories and routines in your own safe space. I usually start by explaining to your family that you don't need to look at the camera at all times, and that I just want you to interact and show your love. Don't worry, I'll place you and give you direction as needed. I usually start with having the kids show me their rooms and photographing them in their own environment and the details and things that they love there. I try at some point during the shoot to get one good "christmas card" shot where everyone is looking at the camera, but that doesn't always happen perfectly and I don't force it. I want the family to enjoy themselves and not be stressed. A perfect home is NOT required for this kind of session! I do make note that the style and colors of your home will reflect in your images though, so keep that in mind. A perfectly clean home is also not necessary, and I don't want in-home families to stress over this too much. Main areas for an in-home session tend to be the master bedroom, kid's rooms, living area, and kitchen. Stairs can also be a beautiful place to take images, as well as your yard! We can talk about what custom things we can do for your family, but you can include things like playing a game together, coloring, blowing bubbles or playing in the yard, cooking or baking together, etc. Whatever you can fit into our time together, I'm game for! 


Q: What is an adventure session like?

A: This kind of session is where we go exploring!! We can choose from a few different options, and go on an expedition. We'll walk around and check out different things, and just hang out in either nature or the downtown area. You can bring some things to do with if you like, or just find what we see along the way! We'll set up different shots along the way as we find cool places. This could involve playing at the beach, wandering through a forest area, going on a picnic, to the park, or just anywhere else you could dream up!